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Diet and Nutritional Advice

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Diet and Nutritional Advice


Healthy eating is essential to your health and well being. By eating the right foods in the right way you can help your body to function at peak performance, increasing your vitality, alertness, physical stamina and happiness. But what are the right foods? One man's meat can, as the well known saying goes, be another man's poison.

Using Kinesiology testing to determine which foods help and which foods harm you as well as years of experience helping people with their diet and nutrition I can help you with general advice for healthy eating or put together for you a diet for your specific health problems . These include

•  weight loss

•  healthy heart and arteries

•  fertility for him and her

•  anti-inflammation and arthritis

•  eating for respiratory problems

•  hormonal balancing

•  healthy bowels

•  immune strengthening

•  cancer prevention

•  anti-Candida

•  anti-osteoporosis