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The Balanced WEIGHT LOSS









"Tired of quick fixes and weight loss regimes that are doomed to fail in the long term, I was grateful to find guiding principles that I can carry into the future for lasting, permanent change. And I feel great!"

Deborah Bosley



Cost £180

(Price includes Detox supplements worth £33)

(Cash or Cheque only)

for 6 lessons and individual email support



(If for whatever reason you are unable to attend one of the lessons we can arrange a catch up so please don't let that stop you form attending the course.)


If you would like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve you a place as numbers are limited. There is a non-returnable reservation fee of £30.




Do you dream of being your ideal weight but don't know how to achieve it?

Have you tried every diet out with no success?

Are you confused by all the conflicting dietary advice in the media?


�The Healthy Eating Weight Loss Course�

is designed to teach you how to achieve your ideal weight effectively, quickly and permanently.

In 6 lessons I will teach you how to eat in a way that will speed up your metabolism, shed excess body fat, get rid of cravings, and improve your energy and mental alertness.


The classes are intimate, fun and friendly and include...

•  Clear, scientifically researched information on balanced, healthy ways to lose weight

•  Innovative ways to help you design an eating plan that suits your individual needs

•  Recipes that will keep you and your body happy and interested

•  Discounted natural, organic supplements scientifically proved to aid weight reduction

•  Cutting edge techniques to super-charge your motivation and get you into the mindset to succeed



Six weekly lessons of 90 minutes in which you will learn�

•  The anatomy and physiology of digestion

•  Why to detox for fat loss

•  How to balance your blood sugar levels

•  Ways to reduce hormone imbalances and water retention

•  Nutritional tips for speeding up your metabolism

•  How to cook and combine foods for optimum nutrition

•  Exercise and fitness tips

•  Psychological techniques to combat cravings

•  Meditation techniques for stress reduction

•  Visualizations for maximizing success

•  Time-management techniques to keep you focused



* Weekly measurements, weigh-ins and goal settings

* Recipes and eating plans

* 10% discount on all recommended supplements

* Free blood-sugar test worth £12.99

* On-line and telephone support throughout the course




For more information contact me at

07707 693756




�Hannah's relaxed yet informed weight loss course has entirely changed my approach to dieting. I have been pleased with my weight loss during the course and am confident that Hannah has provided me with the tools to continue my weight loss in a healthy manner in the future. It is a sensible and balanced approach and is ultimately more life enhancing than the popular �fad' diets.�

Katie Newman


�I came to Hannah as I couldn't manage to shift the weight by myself and it was always on the increase. She gave me the tools to stop the bad habits (40 year + worth), the encouragement to keep at it and the mindset to change the habits of a lifetime. I now feel like I eat more but all the right foods and feel so much better in myself and have lots more energy!�

Carol Plumb


�I learnt a tremendous amount I didn't know or understand properly before. It has helped me to think about food in a very different way and to change my eating habits fundamentally. I lost weight without ever feeling hungry.�

Laura Empson


�This was a practical and achievable course which I am sure will stay with me in the future.�

Shirley Weyman


�Hannah's information gave me a way of approaching eating in an intelligent and informed way rather than directions of do's and don'ts that have to be followed without fail!�

Pauline Allen